Monday, 31 May 2010

Stupid, isn`t it?

"Stupid Homo sapiens playing with crude oil in our oceans"


Yes my own very nice Peony are in full bloom this weekend, this one must be a mutation because all the others are red.

 Took a trip to Fredriksdal i Helsingborg, we love the gardens and all the animals and the weather gods were with us for a while.
 We had tea and a cake, very nice at Fredriksdahl.

 We have one of these trees at home a Dawn redwood a deciduous conifer............they have loads of different trees growing in the park.

 More too eat when we came to Dunkers also in Helsingborg

I like the exhibitons at 10 and their fantastic fabrics, design and colours..I love them and Marianne Lindberg de Geer Orientation

Tittade länge på Orientering – Marianne Lindberg de Geer utställning, gillar dom små bilderna där hon monterar in bilder på sig själv...och hötorgs tavlor som hon har lagt till figurer. Sen så har jag en förkärlek till Grupp 10 tygtryck förmodligen för dessa tillhör min uppväxt tillsammans med Marimekko. Allt om allt en lyckad helg, yngsta sonen kom med tårta på lördag och hade bjudit hit sin bror med fru och barn...trevligt när inte allt måste hänga på mig.
Men vilken usel vår, väder mässigt!!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"It´s hot and I like your hat"

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Feels like something has come between us..


Isn´t it fantastic to find a lookalike little furniture for haberdashery on Camillas blog, just scroll down a bit sunday 23 may KJ 1943.............and I own the same from my late mother inlaw RUT 24/12 1944. I think Rut got it for Christmas present its not her birthday anyhow.
 Its standing on a rather dark place and its dark outside but somehow it seems a bit darker in colour, maybe its the photo...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

More work...

My hubby is a dr


Nice day in Lund with heeps of people and hot, I was really bushed when I got home...

Malmö and Lomma

Yesterday I did some shopping in Malmö, then the car broke down...I am not glad, dont know what it will cost...took a trip to Lomma for dinner to heal my wound...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Playing around!!

I can´t see what I wanna see..

I am having a really good time and enjoying it too!! It´s a drawing, but also watercolour and cut outs...

Det är så roligt just nu, vill bara leka leka leka...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

We all love...

Yes even the hens love the sun, look at them the first day for quite a long time since the sun looked down on us....its so nice and they love it. We have a lot of apples left, have to eat more they are really tasty.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Its cold

Yeah we really long for warmer weather...but I wonder what the polar bear is thinking, maybe it should be the contrary- the polar bear turning into a brown bear...??

It´s wet

Nothing I can do in the garden today and my washing isn´t drying is it?

Old work

Working with my own site it takes some time to learn, but now I have tried other sites but actually I like my old one very well, so I will continue using it and try to learn to do some new thing with it too, slowely thing will probably happen.

Det regnar...oj så skönt, en massa inne jobb trots att jag var dum nog att hänga ut tvätt igår får jag ta in allt och centrifugera om det och hänga allt inne. Det är så mycket kul och roligt som jag kan jobba med och naturligtvis infinner sig stressen då....hjärtklappning, hur ska man hinna med allt kul i livet??

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Something for the birds, birdbathe and two dragonfly made by me..

Not working..

 The new rooster has just learned to sound like a rooster, we were a bit worried that he was not a man...he has problems I think is good.
 The tulips are OK
So is the cherrie tree, but where are all the small insects that are supposed pollinate the flowers, seems to be cold for them too!!! maybe ther will be very few cherries this year...

Malmö ART

Went and had a nice look Malmö ART Academy school their yearly exhibition, very nice indeed. , together with my friend Carola, pity that we dind´t have time for "fika" coffee, but we like tea better.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Work of art!!


Wonderful weekend

 Early morning walk...its wonderful
 My is listening to all the wonderful sounds-birds
Pasqueflower, just a very few of them
 You need to be careful of your head too

 beech forest

Lily of the Valley is coming soon.
Yeah a wonderful weekend even if the weather wasn´t at it best, you have to dress for the weather and its so beautiful place around Dalby where I live, just around the corner from my house...

Underbar helg helt enkelt även om inte vädret visade sin bästa sida. men med lite varma kläder så är det fantastiskt så fint man bor egentligen, gäller att njuta av nuet. 

Friday, 7 May 2010

Art Gallery

Bo Siesjö collection of Swedish contemporary. Participating artists are among others Ola Billgren, Cecilia Edefalk, Viktor Kopp, Eva Löfdahl, Truls Melin, Ulrik Samuelsson, Sigrid Sandström, Astrid Svangren, Magnus Wallin.
Ystads Art Gallery all day, listening to POFFs program (the last one), very interesting.
What a horrid day regarding the weather here in Sweden, I dont like it.

POFF föreläsningar hela dagen det var mycket bra och mera kanske i linje vad vi konstnärer kan vara intresserade av, toppen dag, goda mackor och bullar till fikat, for hem med hjärtat i halsgropen, varför denna stress känsla?? Förkylning på gång, fler sjuka hemma kanske därför???. Gjorde en jätte god soppa av kräft stjärtar till middag, mums fili babba