Friday, 24 April 2009

Jury assess coming upp..

"My heart belongs to daddy" 1x1meter, akrylic Should I or should I not, it´s two jury exhibitions on it´s way this spring. Yes spring and it´s very soon summer. Feel a bit empty at the moment, but today I´ll take a trip and later a nice dinner with friends and hope I´ll get some good vibrations ?? My daughter compete in swimming today, Austria-Meeting 2009 so I am a bit nervous.
Result for today:
100 breaststroke Preliminary in the morning 5th place time 1.13.05
A-Final 4th place 1.11.94 (50 meter pool).
Oh I am so happy for her, she has been really sick and has not had much training att all inbetween. Her trainer is sick for about two months back so it has not been easy for her at all. But a lot of love to TRITON Sweden and LYNGBY Denmark two swimclubs who has taken good care of her. Thanks!!


Patty said...

Dear Inger.....Oh nice to hear that UNA is doing well in the competition, we are following her...Love Patty

Anonymous said...

Dear Inger! I have also a lot do do, in my garden. Jag är totalt ut atbetad men resultat är jag mycket nöjd med. efter arbetet åker jag hem och sätter mig på terrassen och klämmer några öl. Det ger också en angenäm kännsla..... Love H-B